First aid training that meets your needs

Maybe you need training for your business to meet the WSIB requirements; Maybe you need training for placement at school; Maybe you want training just because it's a good thing to know. Whatever the reason, Sospita Safety Management can help. We provide in-house training for groups of any size, when and where you need it. Our courses are designed to not just teach you the skills of first aid, but also make you confident enough to use your skills when they're needed.


How To book a Course

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How Much do you remember from your first aid course?

 According to the 2015 CPR Guidelines, a two year time period between certification courses is inadequate for most people to maintain their knowledge and skills. Join us for a couple of hours of scenarios that will challenge you and refresh your memory of different skills, lead by a qualified first aid instructor. Visit our public courses page to find our Scenario Days to register!

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Regulation 1101 of the Workplace Safety Insurance Act.....

.... States that ALL businesses in Ontario must have at least one person trained in first aid. For small companies (5 employees or less) the person only needs the Emergency First Aid qualification. For all other companies, the person (or people) need to have Standard First Aid (or be a Registered Nurse)