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Special EVent First Aid Coverage

What does it cost?

As much as we'd love to list our prices here, it would just take to much space and be too complicated to put it on our website. Because each event is unique, we'd rather give you the price for YOUR event instead. That said here's what we can tell you:

  • The size of the event is the biggest factor effecting the price - the more people at the event, the more staff we need to send.
  • The second biggest factor is the length of the event - an afternoon block party is going to cost less than a major music festival. We do have a minimum booking time of 3 hours (4 hours for giant events). We require half an hour of set up time and half an hour of tear-down time for each unique day.
  • We charge an up-front fee for first aid supplies, but if we don't use the full amount for your event, we'll return the difference to you.
  • We provide discounts to events that are fundraisers for charities - just let us know when you request a quote and we'll see if you qualify!
  • We Require a 30% deposit to confirm the booking. You can get a full refund up to 2 weeks before the event and 50% refund up to a week before the event.

How to book

  1. Fill out the form to the right - we'll get back to you with 48 hours with a quote.
  2. Pay the 30% deposit required to confirm the booking.
  3. Pay the remainder sometime before the start of the event.
  4. Sit back and enjoy your event!

First aid Coverage that Fits your Event

People get hurt wherever they gather. Maybe your event has an element of risk - sporting events or races for example - or maybe you just have a large number of people gathered together and so there's an increased risk that someone will have a medical emergency. Whatever the event, Sospita Safety Management can help. Our staff are all certified and we come with full insurance. We also bring our own equipment and supplies so you don't have to worry about having a first aid kit on site. You only pay for the supplies that are used.