About Sospita Safety Management


A child at your home day-care gets stung by a bee and starts going into anaphylactic shock. You're helping a friend move when they fall on the stairs and a dresser lands on top of them. Your office manager suddenly starts experiencing chest pain and shortness of breath. 

At Sospita Safety Management we are committed to ensuring you don't just know what to do, but are confident enough to actually do it. From offering high quality training courses that build confidence to providing supplies and equipment so you have what you need, we are here to make sure you are prepared when everything falls apart.

Better yet, do you feel confident enough to do it?

About the Owner

Clifton took his first, first aid course when he was just 13 years old. Over the next several years he continued to maintain and expand his qualifications and skills. In 2008 he became a lifeguard, Swimming Instructor, and Lifesaving Instructor with the Lifesaving Society of Canada and shortly after that got a job with local pool. A couple years later he became a Lifesaving Examiner and then a First Aid Instructor and Examiner with the Lifesaving Society.

Since then he has taught many first aid courses, both for the recreation center he worked at as well as private courses for groups and individuals. Through this he developed a passion for teaching these vital skills and seeing people become confident to help others. In 2015, Clifton decided to break out on his own and started Sospita Safety Management.

Sospita Safety Management is proud to be affiliated with The Lifesaving Society of Canada.