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Do you know if your business has the equipment it needs?

If you operate a business in Ontario, you know that Regulation 1101 requires you to have a first aid station that is inspected every three months. Most workplaces assign this task to one of their employees, but this can lead to major issues if that employee forgets this relatively small part of their jobs. Ministry of Labour Inspectors can fine individuals up to $25,000 and corporations up to $500,000 if Regulation 1101 is not followed.

Even if the employee does remember to inspect the first aid kit, there can still be costs to your business. You will have to pay the employee for their time to not only inspect the kit but also go out and purchase replacement supplies. You will also have to purchase those supplies, likely from the local drug store.



Sospita's Solution

Sospita will keep track of when your first aid kits need inspection and will inspect them within the two-week period before the inspection is due, ensuring that you are always compliant with the law. Additionally, we will re-stock any missing equipment while inspecting the kit and because we purchase supplies for multiple businesses, we can purchase them in bulk and pass the savings on to you.

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